Send notifications, advertisements and alerts with our fully featured Bulk SMS Solution.

Deliver messages from your computer or server quickly and easily, through the world’s largest SMS messaging network built and operated by industry experts with 8+ years’ experience.

SMS (Short Message Service) is a fast and simple-to-use communication channel for delivering textual messages to mobile phones. SMS doesn’t require internet connectivity and works on all mobile phones, including feature phones and smartphones.

SMS requires signal coverage for messages to be delivered, however, messages can be stored for up to 48 hours if the user is out of signal range and will be delivered once the users are within the specified range.

A standard SMS message can hold up to 160 characters, or 70 characters if unicode data coding is used. When more characters are used, messages are broken into parts and are reassembled when they reach the mobile phone.

Who need smart Bulk SMS?

  •  Financial Services SMS
  •  IT Enabled SMS Services
  •  Stock Market SMS Services
  •  Retail SMS Services
  •  Recruitment Companies SMS
  •  Corporate Communication SMS
  •  Real Estate SMS
  •  Airline/Travel SMS
  •  Gyms and Health Clubs SMS
  •  Clubs and Society SMS
  •  Hospitality SMS
  •  Automobile SMS












  •  Accessible from any online device.
  •  Easy to set up and use, no additional software required for online SMS.
  •  Send/receive single or Bulk SMS.
  •  Service availability for mobiles and CDMA landlines in Sri Lanka.
  •  Delivery tracking – shows when SMS was delivered to the handset.
  •  Reports – records all messages sent,  delivered and failed.


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