Studio LD Web Based POS/Billing for Your Retail Store

Studio LD POS/Billing is a sophisticated web-based solution, that works on any device with


POS/Billing System


  • POS Terminal & Billing
    Ability to print sales invoices, bill sales through various payment methods, print invoice including discounts and customer information
  • Stock Management
    Ability to manage stock level at all times and adjust inventory and re-order quantity
  • Expenses & Cash Flow
    Ability to record basic expenses (employee salaries, bill expenses, etc.) of your business and know about cash flows and flows in the business
  • Bar Code Scanning
    Ability to customize barcodes, read barcodes printed on products, customize invoice, create and print your own barcode label
  • Cash & Credit payment handling
    Ability to make all payments related to cash and loan sales as well as purchase invoices
  • Monthly Reports
    Ability to view monthly and daily reports on business transactions
  • Multi Stores Management
    Ability to manage stocks by managing several of your businesses or several branches of the same business separately in the same system
  • Product Warranty
    Ability to select a time period of your choice and record it in the Invoices by issuing warranty certificates for the goods
  • Product Expiry
    Ability to select a time period of your choice and record it in the Invoices by issuing warranty certificates for the goods.
  • Alerts
    Stock re-order quantity, advance notice of payments due to customers and receipts from them
  • Customer Groups
    The ability to offer exclusive selling prices and discounts by categorizing customers in the business


  • Product Discounts
    Ability to set sales prices by offering discounts on items as well as discounts on several items at once
  • Purchasing & Purchase return
    Ability to record purchases and returns from suppliers
  • Sales & Sell returns
    Ability to manage inventory by recording merchandise sales and resale receipts
  • SMS/Email Notifications
    Ability to issue SMS and EMAIL messages to customer parties
  • Payment Options
    Ability to make all transactions through different payment methods
  • Sales Commissions
    Ability to pay sales commission on invoice value on behalf of sales commission agents
  • Trending Products
    Being able to see for yourself accurate information about products that will provide future benefits to the business
  • Dashboard
    Because it simply demonstrates the performance of the business, it makes it easier to make business decisions.
  • Auditable Accounts
    Ability to do all the accounting yourself, checking your business accounts
  • Stock Adjustments
    Easy to manage and manage stocks by making stock adjustments, exchanges, etc.
  • Barcode Printing
    Ability to customize barcodes and create and print your own barcode label
  • Customizable Invoice Layouts
    Ability to design your invoice layout as you wish
  • Bundle/Combo Products
    Achieve special benefits by using the combo products feature whenever a service is provided with a product